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October 23, 2009

Crazy Windows 7 promotion in Japan

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Actually a cross promotion with Burger King:

From the linK:

For the next seven days, Burger King will be a selling a gigantic seven-layer Whopper, which is apparently a gargantuan five-inches thick. The price? Y777, of course — at least for the first 30 customers each day. If you’re customer number 31, you’ll be paying Y1450. Given that a double Whopper is loaded with just shy of 1,000 calories, we’re guessing that this one’s a good few days worth of “nutrition.”

October 22, 2009

Third-party codecs and Windows 7

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Maybe we should all step back — well, not me since I haven’t joined the hosanna parade just yet — from lauding Windows 7. I’ve read a multitude of gushing reviews from a variety of sources, but nothing I’ve read has mentioned this little “feature.

From the link:

Windows 7 beta testers noticed that third-party codecs — video decoders for specific streaming media protocols, such as MPEG-4 — that ran fine under Vista became strangely non-operational under the new OS. It turns out that Windows 7 preempts third-party codecs, favoring codecs built into the OS, and Windows 7 has more built-in codecs than any previous Windows release. Users wanting their favorite third-party codecs to work again must perform some system configuration gymnastics to get them back.

February 5, 2009

Ballmer lectures XP users

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This time he’s targeting enterprise — read: corporate — users of XP who heretically refuse to upgrade to Vista, plus he’s reading tea leaves to assume they also aren’t going to upgrade to the currently beta-only Windows 7.

I’m sure Steve is doing this because lecturing from on high has worked so well in the past for Microsoft. And home users have totally abandoned XP as an operating system and clamor for the latest and greatest from the Redmond behemoth.

… er, maybe not.

From the link:

In an interview at a New York City event Tuesday to mark the extension of Microsoft’s collaboration with EMCto help IT pros improve virtualization, security and content management, Ballmer touched on the progress of Windows 7, stressing that its faster performance, longer battery life and simplified security settings will be “a pretty good step forward in terms of what users care about.”

For these reasons and others, Ballmer warns, enterprises that stick with Windows XP too long they will hear about it from impatient users who have been using newer computers running Vista and Windows 7 at home.

Says Ballmer: “If you deploy a four or five-year old operating system today, most people will ask their boss why the heck they don’t have the stuff they have at home.”