David Kirkpatrick

February 12, 2008

Dem’s road is clear

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This is an interesting breakdown of the road to the Democratic nomination. Essentially the magic number is 1627 pledged delegates. Once either candidate reaches that threshold only the superdelegates can swing the nomination the other way.

I’d say if that happens for either candidate, the Democratic party will have hell to pay for multiple election cycles.

From the breakdown:

The Real Magic Number is 1,627

Last updated: 2/12, 12:18 PM.

In 2008, 3,253 delegates will be chosen through caucuses and primaries to represent Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. Once one of the candidates has won a majority of those democratically selected delegates (also known as pledged delegates), the only way his or her opponent could win the nomination is with the support of the 796 unelected, unaccountable superdelegates — in the process overturning the judgment of the voters.50% +1 of 3,253 is 1,627. Therefore, with 1,627 pledged delegates, a candidate will win the nomination — unless the superdelegates step in and reverse the decision of the voters. Here’s where the numbers are today.

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