David Kirkpatrick

February 5, 2008

Tsunami Tuesday updates

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(I’ll periodically add to this post with Super Tuesday updates. All numbers are from CNN.com unless otherwise noted.)

6 pm CST — CNN already calls Georgia for Obama and Huckabee in West Virginia. The current numbers for WV have Huckabee at 52% and Romney with 47%.

6:50 — In Georgia the GOP race is a dead heat with 2% of the vote reporting. McCain is at 36% and Huckabee has 35%.  Romney’s back at 25%.

8:30 — CNN calls more states. Obama wins Illinois and Delaware. Clinton takes New York, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma

McCain is romping winning New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut and Illinois. Huckabee gets Arkansas and Romney wins Massachusetts.

9:15 — More results. Obama wins North Dakota and Alabama. Clinton wins Massachusetts and New Jersey.

McCain keeps rolling winning Oklahoma. Romney gets Utah.

10:00 — Obama takes Minnesota, Kansas and Connecticut. Huckabee wins Alabama and McCain carries Arizona.

11:10 — Obama racks up Colorado, Idaho and Utah. With 14% reporting Clinton leads in California 55% to 32%.

Romney’s pace increases with wins in Minnesota, Montana, Colorado and North Dakota. Huckabee gets Tennessee and Georgia.

Missouri remains a key state for both parties and is seeing very tight voting totals. The Democrats split the delegates by percentage so winning the majority is pretty much for bragging rights. The GOP primary is winner-take-all, however, and right now with 98% of the vote in McCain has 33% and Huckabee has 32%.

11:45 — Clinton wins California and Arizona. Obama gets Alaska.

McCain wins both California and Missouri. The Missouri win is particularly big, as outlined above.

The only GOP state remaining is Alaska. We’re still waiting on New Mexico and Missouri for the Democrats. As the talking heads on CNN have all pretty much agreed Huckabee’s strong showing is the big surprise of the night.

12:18 am — The final update. Obama and Clinton are going to fairly evenly split the Missouri delegates, but with 99% reporting CNN has yet to call a winner. Obama leads at the moment. New Mexico votes are coming in and Clinton has a solid 53-38% lead with 15% reporting.

On the GOP side, Alaska is still not reporting results.

Huckabee is the big winner of the night. On the Democratic side both Obama and Clinton can claim success, but Obama displayed an ability to score votes across the spectrum of geography and demographics.

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