David Kirkpatrick

November 12, 2009

Add some gong to your life

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Looking for an Eastern touch touch for your garden decor, something to help focus your thoughts while musing or meditating, or maybe just searching for an interesting accent piece for your home or garden? A meditation gong from Outdora might well be the answer. Gongs are East and Southeast Asian musical instruments, with origins in China, consisting of a flat metal disc struck by a mallet to produce its tones. Gongs can be traced to at least 2000 B.C., but it’s believed to have been use much further back in history. Chinese history records gongs beginning around 500 A.D.

Traditionally gongs have been used for many purposes including communication and to make announcements, to make music, as an accompaniment for ceremonies, and for healing. Adding a gong to your home or garden allows you to join centuries of tradition using this instrument for celebrations, mourning, theater and making music.

Outdora offers a variety of meditation gongs to meet different needs and size requirements. You will find freestanding gongs with a built-in frame, hanging or suspended gongs, wind gongs and garden bells. There are gongs sized for desk- or table-top and gongs large enough to really make a statement in your garden, both visually and aurally. Outdora’s Woodstock Chau Gong meets big size/big sound requirement with an ash wood and steel stand complementing the bronze disc. The Woodstock Chau Gong stands 65 inches high for a dramatic and elegant look.

Outdora’s gong collection is all handmade and designed to stand up to the outdoor elements. Purely as a decorative element, a gong will add appeal to your indoor or outdoor living space. And every Outdora gong is a musical instrument as well, ready to provide a sense of peace, tranquility or drama to your day.

Hit any link in this post for the full selection of meditation gongs from Outdora.

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