David Kirkpatrick

March 4, 2009

Discouraging news for job seekers

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If you are coming from a big enterprise company and looking to join a start-up or other smaller firm, your application may get rejected out of hand. Not good news for the currently unemployed who faced layoffs from larger companies.

From the link:

As many major U.S. companies slash staff, more job seekers with big-business résumés are pursuing smaller employers. Concerns with 500 or fewer people employ more than half of the nation’s private-sector workers. However, fledgling and midsize enterprises say they often reject applicants from sizable companies as bad fits for their businesses.

Big-business veterans face greater hurdles in downsizing employers than during the 2000-2001 downturn. Smaller employers often assume big-company veterans prefer a highly structured workplace, plentiful perks and extensive organizational support. To overcome such stereotypes, you must portray yourself as a self-starter. “Just having a blue-chip company in your background isn’t going to open doors like it once did at small concerns,” says Fred Whelan, a San Francisco recruiter and co-author of the forthcoming book, “GOAL! Your Game Plan for Success.”

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