David Kirkpatrick

January 29, 2009

Advice for Microsoft …

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… from CIO.com. Here’s a list of five changesthe Redmond behemoth should implement to remain viable in the coming years. I don’t think Microsoft is all that bad off in big scheme, but there’s some sensible advice there for any tech company. And some that just applies to MS.

From the link:

For the past few years, we’ve kept hearing that Microsoft is in financial trouble. But until now, for all the books and articles foretelling Microsoft’s demise at the hands of Google, the numbers really didn’t support that conclusion. Windows and Microsoft Office still sold in the billions; and businesses kept paying ridiculously high rates for collaboration software like SharePoint.

Today’s quarterly earnings call, coupled with the news that Microsoft will lay off 5,000 workers across multiple departments, shows that some of the worries about Microsoft were true after all. The Operating system, and all the software that runs on top of it, is moving to the Web. This isn’t about the recession. It’s about Microsoft’s paralysis.

So, Microsoft, if I’m speaking to you directly, here are steps you can take to build a bigger and brighter future, one where you can avoid the mistakes made by industries that have not adapted well to the Web (newspapers and magazines come to mind).

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