David Kirkpatrick

January 23, 2009

Scam ads that scream stupid

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I regularly scour the web for professional blog  job posts (corporate ghost blogging is one of my commercial specialties) and I found this howler.

Clearly English is not the first language here, and on top of that it’s also very clearly a scam — read: ” … will get paid through a prepaid card that I will have you sign-up for!”

But the entire idea is just hilarious. This purported “employer” wants someone to build a highly successful blog with advertising on the page and then just hand over 50% of the profit. Heh.

If you’re a blogger I’m sure you don’t need any help with something like this, but please, please don’t get taken.

On a more serious note, if you’re a freelance writer — or a prospective freelance writer — don’t work for free unless you really need the clips and the outlet is very solid. Not just any website that needs content and offers you exposure. Also don’t work for outrageously low rates such as $0.05 per word (or less in may cases).

And almost never provide a free “sample” of what the job poster is seeking. Send clips, send samples of similar work, but don’t provide work-for-hire at no cost to hopefully get a job. That just won’t happen.

It’s not uncommon for an unscrupulous publisher to advertise for an editor, then make the editorial test an edit of a chapter or section of the work in question. Twenty chapters and twenty (or more) applicants later and the entire work is edited. Albeit poorly and with no coherent voice or style, but it will be edited by well-meaning suckers who each took on a chapter for no pay.

Writing is a profession and a hobby. Don’t confuse the two if you’d like to become a freelance writer.

And now that crazy, crazy ad:

I need a good blogger to write some post for me. There is big business in advertising. Here is how it works:
1.A blogger writes a good blog.
2.That blog has been viewed many times and the counter shows that.
3.The blogger post a spot for advertising.
4.Someone pays the blogger for putting there ad on the blog.
 Now that does not sound very hard, but you have to have advertisers and some way to get your blog noticed.
 The Blogger get paid 50% of whatever profits we make.
 I need a very good writer (blogger) to make some good post so advertisers  will notice the blog and add there ads to it!

 Anyone can be a blogger, no matter of age or gender!
If you take this job will get paid through a prepaid card that I will have you sign-up for!