David Kirkpatrick

October 16, 2009

Firewood, fireplaces and wood-burning furnaces

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Winter is coming and with it comes the season for burning wood. You may simply enjoy an indoor fireplace or maybe an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, and you might even use wood burning as a sustainable and economical way to heat your home with a modern wood-burning furnace. The common denominator in all these ways to burn wood is the firewood itself, and firewood means having a place and way to store your supply. The best way to do so is with a firewood rack that protects your firewood and keeps it ready for burning.

Firewood racks come in a number of varieties, but beyond helping organize your firewood pile most racks will keep your wood off the ground helping keep it dry and not quite so attractive to insects. Some firewood racks even feature covers to keep your firewood even more protected from rain, snow and other moisture. If you keep a large supply of firewood you’ll want a large rectangular rack to maximize your storage area, but if you only keep a small supply of firewood on hand you could go with a more decorative hoop-style rack. And if you need to transport your firewood around the yard you can even buy a portable rack on wheels.

If you are considering a wood-burning outdoor furnace as a way to cut down on your winter heating costs, you will certainly want a large firewood rack to keep a large and ready-to-burn supply of wood close to your outdoor furnace to keep it stoked.

Whether you are burning wood for pleasure, for heating your home or maybe even both, remember drier wood provides more heat per pound of wood when it burns. Make sure your firewood has been properly seasoned — that is allowed to dry for months or longer after it’s been cut — and then kept dry by storing your wood in a firewood rack.