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June 20, 2008

New display tech and low-cost wind power

From KurzweilAI.net.

This display tech really gets beyond an interactive touch screen. I’ll look forward to see what game developers can do with this sort of distance interactivity once this technology becomes cost-effective for the home.

A Display That Tracks Your Movements
Technology Review, June 20, 2008

Samsung and interactive advertisingcompany Reactrix Systems plan to bring 57-inch interactive displays to Hilton hotel lobbies by the end of the year.

These displays can “see” people in 3D standing up to 15 feet away from the screen as they wave their hands to play games, navigate menus, use maps –and interact with ads.

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A new wind turbine from BroadStar breaks the $1per watt barrier. It looks like there’s real headway being made in both solar- and wind-power efficiencies.

BroadStar Achieves Breakthrough In Low-Cost Energy Production With New Generation Wind Turbine
Energy Daily, June 9, 2008

BroadStar Wind Systems’ new AeroCam wind turbine is the first to break through the $1/watt cost barrier, the company claims.

Designed with a low profile on a horizontal axis with multiple blades, it automatically and interactively adjust the pitch or angle of attack of the aerodynamic blades as the turbine rotates, thereby optimizing its performance, like a bird’s wings.

It enables distributed power generation in almost any setting, including densely populated urban areas and unconventional sites such as commercial developments and corporate campuses.

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February 26, 2008

Tuesday video — wind turbine self destructs

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I found this video of a wind turbine self-destructing at Boing Boing.

 This second video of the same event was posted in the comments of the Boing Boing post