David Kirkpatrick

November 14, 2008

Obama’s campaign tech

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Very interesting details about the tech involved in Obama’s victory on November 4.

From the link:

My inbox is full of press releases from technology entities claiming that they were responsible for giving the Obama campaign the critical edge in terms of software and data, replete with conflicting claims about who deserves credit for what.

The terms of art and trademarks can be confusing, so here’s a guide to the basic Obama technology universe, including who did what.

This stuff is dense, and it gets confusing even to practitioners — be warned. But it’s also the first look at how the Democratic Party as in institution mastered the modern technology of politics.

I’ll revise and expand this post as necessary.

The BIG advance for Democrats this cycle is NOT so much the data — it’s how the data was used and who used it.

First, a few definitions.