David Kirkpatrick

February 8, 2008

3D virtual “touching”

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This technology is very cool. The release is titled “Doctors will soon be able to feel organs via a display screen.” Not sure about the internal organ part, but this is going on right now. I know because I did it this week.

I’m beginning to do content consulting for a 3D visualization and manufacturing tech company. During a crash course in what they do I used this technology to “touch” a virtual bone while viewing the bone on a monitor.

From the release:

Erik Vidholm, at the Center for Image Analysis at Uppsala University, has taken part in the development of such interactive methods where the mouse and keyboard are replaced by a pen-like three-dimensional mouse that enables the user to feel the virtual organs. This is called haptics. Computer models are adapted to the images of organs and can then be used to measure the volume of the organ, for example, or to calculate changes in shape and migrations.

The pen-like device is very cool, and this technology will continue to be an amazing breakthrough in medicine. My client is already helping surgeons perform virtual surgery before making any cuts, sometimes finding additional problems making the actual surgury more precise with fewer surprises.