David Kirkpatrick

October 2, 2008

Is Palin an “energy expert?”

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Who really knows. This is one of the quickly decreasing arguments for the failed Palin pick from the GOP kool aid krew. We don’t really know how much of an expert Palin is because she hasn’t given any answer of substance on the subject.

Maybe an energy press conference is in order. If she’s an expert then an open press conference ought to be a homerun for a flailing GOP ticket.

We do know Palin is an expert at doling out energy industry largess in the quasi-socialist Alaska political system. (Update — Here’s a good link on that very largess.) 

From the Larry Kudlow link at NRO’s the Corner:

A Great Opening for Sarah Palin   [Larry Kudlow]


I sure hope Sarah Palin talks at some length about drilling in tonight’s debate with Sen. Joe Biden. Palin is an energy expert. And if she is unleashed she can score major points against her opponent, who has opposed every expansion of oil, gas, and nuclear down through the years.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say to Kudlow any gambit that posits Palin as an “expert” might should be avoided at all costs. I’m betting her energy expertise is up to her standards on every other subject we’ve heard about, well aside from whack-job christianity. She has that down pat.

September 28, 2008

Sunday video fun — the comedic stylings of Sarah Palin …

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… oh wait, I’ve just been handed a note. … Let’s see, “She’s not a comedian, she’s a politician and up for election as the first in line for the presidency.”

Well, this changes everything doesn’t it?

At any rate here’s the video