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February 7, 2009

GOP pushing to delay CPSIA of 2008

This is news that affects one of my clients, Vouch Software, because its application is a virtual product safety test for infant toys and products. I will say pretty much everyone is in agreement that this law was far too draconian and implemented way too quickly. Hopefully this legislation will gain some traction to give the industry a little breathing room.

I’m betting this will be big talk next weekend at the Toy Industry Association’s Toy Fair ’09 in New York. The safety talk is to be held Monday, February16.

From the WSJ link:

Congress rushed to pass a tough new consumer safety law last year, and now a number of Republican lawmakers are rushing again to pass legislation to delay the date the stricter rules go into effect.

The bill, which sets stringent limits on lead in children’s products and bans some phthalates, a class of chemicals used to soften plastics, called for children’s products to be in compliance by Tuesday, Feb. 10. Companies, particularly smaller ones that make toys and other children’s products, are worried and have been begging lawmakers to delay the rules. Because the standards were applied retroactively, they argue, they now face warehouses full of noncompliant inventory, financial losses or even bankruptcies. Some lawmakers blame the Consumer Product Safety Commission for doing too little while the CPSC’s acting chairwoman blames Congress for going too far.

February 2, 2009

VanDuzen’s latest — Vouch Software

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Got a call from Nancy Hairston, founder and president of VanDuzen, last week with some exciting news. The 3D visualization and modeling company is about to officially release Vouch Software.

Vouch is geared toward designers and manufacturers of toys and products for infants and allows for digitally testing designs. This tool will be a tremendous time and money saver by pushing basic safety testing back into the design phase using 3D virtual models instead of physical prototypes.

One designer who used Vouch in beta said she even ran tests while designing and made changes on the fly instead of creating a finished product for testing. Pretty cool.

From the link:

“These days you have to design safety in. If you wait until after the toy
is made, it’s way too late. You can’t do it after the fact.”

Peter Schaefer
Vice-President, Safety, Security and Social Accountability – McDonald’s
As quoted in Chicago Tribune.com, August 5, 2007

What our other customers are saying

“Vouch gives me results faster than I can fill out the paperwork
requesting the rapid prototype for testing.”

“I run tests in Vouch concurrently while I design in Rhino, it is so fast.”

“We design digitally…why not test digitally.”

April 10, 2008

Dallas’ VanDuzen — “World’s Best Technology” 2008

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Dallas-based VanDuzen, a 3D visualization and modeling company I provide communications services for, won “Best of Show” at the 2008 WBTshowcase. A great honor for a great company creating cutting edge technology. Congratulations!

The WBTshowcase release:

Texas Company Named 2008 “World’s Best Technology”

VanDuzen is First Texas Firm to Win WBTshowcase Top Honors

March 27, 2008 | Arlington, TX – The nation’s leading technology commercialization experts, venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts today named a Texas software technology the best emerging technology of 2008.

Dallas-based VanDuzen Inc.’s software system, affiliated with the UT Southwestern Medical Office of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, won the “Best of Show” award today at the 2008 WBTshowcase

The WBTshowcase, representing the largest collection of undiscovered technologies emanating from the world’s leading universities, labs and research institutions, was held March 26-27 at the Hilton Arlington.

“2008 marks the first year ever that our judges have awarded our top prize to a Texas technology,” said Paul Huleatt, WBTshowcase CEO. “We look forward to watching VanDuzen take their award-winning technology to market and beyond.”

VanDuzen’s software technology was among the over 75 world-class deals presented this year to more than 450 attendees, including over 100 venture investors and Fortune 500 licensees.

At tonight’s award ceremony, VanDuzen was awarded a $10,000 cash prize presented by private equity fund manager Cimarron Capital Partners.

“This award will help take us to the next level,” said Nancy Hairston, Van Duzen CEO. “The knowledge I gained from the WBTshowcase was exactly what I needed as an entrepreneur.”

VanDuzen’s licensed technology allows surgeons to digitally sculpt and then manufacture custom implants matched to patients’ facial anatomy.

2nd place went to Deerfield, Michigan’s Hybra Drive System LLC. Hybra-Drive is developing a novel fuel-efficient Hydraulic Hybrid Power Train (HHPT) for the light and medium truck markets.

“With great mentors you can do a lot of interesting things in life,” said Rick Goldstein, Hybra-Drive President and CEO.

Kinetic Research & Development from South Elgin, Illinois, took 3rd place with its high power density internal combustion engine technology.

“This award gives us credibility and, I hope, potential funding,” said Michael Boruta, Kinetic’s President & CEO. “We interacted with so many people, from VCs to potential licensors, at this extremely well-run event.”

“Innovation leading to new technologies is the primary driver of economic development,” said Wes Jurey, President and CEO of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. “It is critical for the US to link discoveries with the funds to develop tomorrow’s revolutionary products. The WBTshowcase does precisely this.”

ABOUT WBTshowcase
The WBTshowcase is the nation’s premier event showcasing the largest collection of high-potential technologies emanating from top universities, labs and research institutions from across the country and around the globe. The WBT is produced by Development Capital Networks, LLC in cooperation with the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) and the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF). http://www.wbtshowcase.com