David Kirkpatrick

October 7, 2008

Missing the debate tonight and light blogging

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This is looking like another week of lighter blogging. I’m doing some final detail work on the decorative metal historic preservation project I blogged about back in August.

As promised I will have some pictures very soon. This work has been truly amazing and my friend, Michael van Enter, has once again proven himself to be an absolute genius at making the impossible possible. Kudos to Beck construction as well for cranking out a massive project on a tight timeline. When all is said and done, Dallas’ Union Station will be restored to its full glory.

In other light blogging news, I’m going to a music industry event tonight so it may a day or so before I get my debate reactions up. I’ll be watching a DVRed version from C-Span.

August 21, 2008

Possible light blogging coming up

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Along with professional writing I occasionally work in the fine art conservation and preservation area. I blogged about one very cool project here.

Right now I’m getting into what looks like a major project that falls more under the historic preservation umbrella restoring some original iron work at Dallas’ Union Station. To the best of our knowledge this work is in the ballpark of 90-years-old.

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to get some images and do a post on this project, but in the meantime I might not blog as often as I do at times. I’m sure I’ll get a post, or a few, in each day.