David Kirkpatrick

December 19, 2008

Ron Kirk to be Obama’s trade rep

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Congrats to Dallas’ first (and only) black mayor. He did great things for the city and ought to do just as well in DC.

From the link:

Looks like Obama’s cabinet will get a southerner after all, albeit perhaps not the sort some people were looking for.

Obama has chosen Ron Kirk, who was the first black mayor of Dallas, as his trade representative, a senior Democrat tells us, confirming multiple reports today.

The choice of Kirk came after Obama’s first choice, Rep. Xavier Becerra, pulled out. Becerra had cheered some on the left because of his trade record — he confessed he regretted his vote for NAFTA, and subsequently voted against CAFTA, among other things.

As for Kirk, business leaders like his record of supporting free trade, and labor leaders seem wary. But with the stimulus package front and center, trade policy seems unlikely to be a top priority, and labor leaders have already been given a big gift in the form of new labor secretary nominee Hilda Solis.