David Kirkpatrick

July 12, 2010

Diaper fetishist Senator calls for birther suits

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Not only did “family values” Republican David Vitter not resign after a scandal involving frequenting prostitutes to service an infantilism fetish, he’s now doubling down on challenging the voters in his district to reelect someone who is unfit to serve by supporting lawsuits claiming Obama is not a United States citizen.

The state of Hawaii cleared this matter up long, long ago, and really, don’t you think between Hillary Clinton in the primaries and John McCain in the general someone would have used this issue as a devastating image and legal hammer is there was anything — and I mean any tiny shred — that gave credence to the idea Obama couldn’t legally serve as president.

From the link:

Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter says he supports conservative organizations challenging President Barack Obama’s citizenship in court.

Vitter, who is running for re-election, made the comments at a town hall event on Sunday when a constituent asked what he would do about what the questioner said was Obama’s ”refusal to produce a valid birth certificate.”

August 13, 2009

Keeping the “baby” in Baby Boomer

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I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on the crazy, old white people spouting nonsense at the Congressional recess town hall meetings. Throughout their lives the Baby Boomer generation have been a bunch of whiny me-firsters at every stage of development and a lot of this “protesting” is just more of the same. Possibly the last real line of BS the rest of us have to deal with from this bunch. And if you think about it, most of the media figures pushing for this brand of activism are, you guessed it, Baby Boomers.

Maybe it’s too bad the death panels are nothing more than fiction. Looks like the old and cranky are not planning on going quietly into the good night.