David Kirkpatrick

August 15, 2008

Friday video — Ron English and the Sutcliffes’ “Abraham/Obama”

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Received mail from a friend who’s a member of the Sutcliffes with a link to this new collaboration between the band and pop artist Ron English (I’ve blogged about Ron more than once, here’s one link)

“Abraham/Obama” is:

Ron English…..lyrics
The Sutcliffes…music

And the song is a corollary to Ron’s commissioned mural in Boston. Hit this link for my blog on that project.

Before we get to the music, my friend did leave a few instructions:

Follow these simple steps:
1. Watch over and over
2. Rate 5 stars
3. Forward link to everyone you know
4. Bill Gates will send you a million dollars

Reverend Brando

So there you go … listen to the Rev and follow those five simple steps. Er, Rev, isn’t it in step three where you’reĀ supposed to profit?

At any rate, do enjoy this collaboration of artistic talent.