David Kirkpatrick

January 27, 2009

Obama, the tech-savvy president

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The Obama adminstration is going to be ground-breaking in many ways, and the use of technology is one. He harnessed tech to an amazing degree while winning the Democratic primary and then the general election.

Look for that trend to continue during his tenure at the White House.

From the second link:

Technology, Innovation and Government Reform Team (TIGR): TIGR is one of the most significant ideas to come out of the new administration. Its mission is to use technology to reduce the cost of government, improve the delivery of government services, and drive transparency. Expect to see online platforms designed to involve the public more fully in their government; increased amounts of government data and information available online; and tools to take that data and mash it up for your own use.

Whether Obama can maintain the excitement among the public that he created during his historic election and transition period remains to be seen. However, by fully embracing the tools and networking possibilities available online he’s headed in the right direction. So as we take this historic step forward, don’t forget to check out PC World’s guide to all the Web-based inauguration activities going on Tuesday.