David Kirkpatrick

February 18, 2008

More on Dem’s superdelegates

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Here’s some NY Times letters on the subject, and with a tiny bit of work I could’ve found much more incendiary material out there.

Somewhat like how the GOP threatened to boycott the election, or vote Democrat, if the nominee was perceived as not “conservative” enough, the Democrats are now in danger of doing the same if the nomination is perceived as “stolen” by the superdelegates.

Of course, at this point, that pretty much would only happen for Clinton. It’s very likely Obama will lead in total vote and earned delegates by the time of the convention. If that’s the case and Obama’s not the nominee, the Democrats may face problems in the general election. Maybe even downticket.

The GOP is probably avoiding any problems in the general because disgruntled primary voters still have a protest vote — Huckabee — available to get that lever pull out of their system before the general.