David Kirkpatrick

January 22, 2010

YouTube enters video rental business

Looks like the focus is small and independent filmmakers who need more than ad-supported revenue. With all the competition between console games, video-on-demand services, web-based content and the rest of the video watching/music listening/game playing/et.al. options out there, the lines between types of media and delivery systems are becoming blurrier and blurrier every day.

This YouTube effort could be quite the boon for independent filmmakers. Since it’s supposedly going into effect today sometime, it is also quite bereft of important details. Little things like cost and, more importantly, how the service is going to work.

From the link:

Starting tomorrow, YouTube will offer video rentals, according to a post on the site’s official blog. The first available content will be five films from the 2009 and 2010 Sundance Film Festivals, and they will be online until January 31.

Also from the link:

Exact details of how the rentals will work aren’t yet available, but the company says they will post more tomorrow. It has said, however, that money will be collected through Google Checkout.