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April 16, 2009

As if you didn’t have enough …

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… to think about with computer security.

You don’t have to don a black hat and prowl the murkier waters of the internet to find an app as dirty as a password stealer — just hit download.com.

This is the extreme edge of controlling your security, but it is a useful bit of advice from the linked article, ” …  always assume that any login entered on any public computer is compromised and should have its password changed as soon as you’re back at a trusted PC.”

More from the link:

A simple search can turn up a keylogger program available for download on numerous sites, including PCWorld.com, with the idea that the tools are offered for personal use to catch someone messing around on your own PC, or perhaps for concerned parents. That may be a thin veneer, but Christopher Boyd posted on the SpywareGuide Greynets Blogthe he came across a tool available as a free download at the oft-visited download.com that exists solely to steal passwords for IM accounts.

The app presents a fake IM app and captures usernames and passwords that are typed into the window, according to Boyd. It’s a bit of a stretch to think of how such a tool might be meant for personal use to catch snoops on your own computer, especially with a description like “This is perfect if a visitor is coming round who wants to access their IM account.”

October 24, 2008

Verdasys offers safe financial transactions on infected boxes

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This seems like a tech to look into — a level of protection to make certain your online transactions are secure.

From the link:

You’re about to go online to make a financial transaction, but you don’t realize that your computer has been breached by malicious hackers: it’s loaded with malware and spyware. Verdasys believes that its tool, SiteTrust, can intervene at this point to keep your identity safe. SiteTrust buries itself deep in a computer’s operating system, where it can take fundamental control of most of the machine’s operations. Malware can’t attempt to interfere in an online transaction without SiteTrust’s knowing.

Credit: Courtesy Verdasys

Product: SiteTrust

Cost: Free to customers through participating financial institutions

Source: www.sitetrust.net

Company: Verdasys