David Kirkpatrick

March 27, 2009

GOP budget plan?

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Apparently this …

GOP budget chart

GOP budget chart

The Republican Party isn’t even trying anymore is it? This has already been very widely (and rightly so) mocked on the blogosphere as being a bit too reminiscent of South Park’s underwear gnomes profitability plan.
The “Rebpulican Road to Recovery” rectangle is where all the “magic” happens here. Too bad the curtain has long been pulled aside exposing exactly what that “magic” entails. And it’s not policy, brains or, judging by this chart, any iota of seriousness.
The long walk in the wilderness just got a little longer for the GOP.
(Hat tip: the Daily Dish)

August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes, RIP

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Master of soul, funk and R&B, plus the voice of “Chef” on South Park, Isaac Hayes has died at 65.

I’ve always loved his music, and I remember being pretty excited a few years ago when during one of many interviews with a business mogul I was ghostwriting a biography for answered the phone, chatted a bit and hung up. He told me, “Sorry for the interruption, that was my friend Isaac Hayes.”

I was later saddened to find out Hayes had become an ardent Scientology toward the end of his life. Too many celebrities and musicians are hooked into that cult.

From the link:

Isaac Hayes, the singer and songwriter whose luxurious, strutting funk arrangements in songs like “Theme From ‘Shaft’ ” defined the glories and excesses of soul music in the early 1970s, died on Sunday in East Memphis, Tenn. He was 65.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said that Mr. Hayes’s wife, Adjowa, found him collapsed near a treadmill at their home in Cordova, an eastern suburb of Memphis, and he was pronounced dead an hour later. The cause of death was not known.

With his lascivious bass-baritone and flamboyant wardrobe, Mr. Hayes developed a musical persona that was an embodiment of the hyper-masculine, street-savvy characters of the so-called blaxploitation films of the era. In his theme song to Gordon Parks’s “Shaft” from 1971, the title character is summed up in a line that has become a classic of kitsch: “Who’s a black private dick/Who’s a sex machine to all the chicks?”

Also from the link. I wonder if Sam Jackson is watching for any black-clad, hooded figures right now?:

(he had a role in “Soul Men,” a comedy set for release in November and starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac, the comedian who died Saturday).