David Kirkpatrick

June 5, 2008

Clinton didn’t “lose,” Obama won

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Lost in all the hoopla and debate whether Obama securing the Democratic nomination is the biggest political upset in US history (probably not, by the way) and post-mortems dissecting how Clinton squandered the election away is the fact Obama won by running a very efficient and effective campaign starting way back (take a look at this chart)

Yeah, she lost. And there were a lot of blunders along the way, but let’s not lose sight that someone was there, pressing hard. Without that pressure strategic blunders wouldn’t matter near as much, and some tactical errors might not have even been made without a threat requiring some action or reaction.

It looks like things are finally going to focus on the general election now that Clinton has announced a Saturday event to offically concedeto Obama and offer her complete support for his presidential run.

From the very first link up there in graf one:

So the real story, which the Post and the Los Angeles Times detail nicely in their separate ways, is that Obama won by winning, not by Clinton losing.