David Kirkpatrick

January 19, 2008

Science Debate 2008

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If you think issues around science and technology should factor into your political decision in this presidential election, put some support behind the Sciencedebate 2008 people.

This group is pushing for a presidential debate specifically on the candidates’ stance toward science and technology.

A welcome inclusion to the sometimes drab and predictable debate format, and I think an important source of information about the candidates. Especially considering how science has fared under the Bush 43 regime.

Featured quote from the site:

“We all know that universities spin off economic engines.  You need look no further than Google™ to see that.   Furthermore, it is estimated that half the nation’s growth in GDP over the past half century can be attributed to science and engineering achievements.  But by 2010, if current trends continue, over 90 percent of all scientists and engineers will live in Asia.  Isn’t this something the candidates for president should be discussing?”

-Lawrence Krauss
One of the organizers of Science Debate 2008
Here and here are lists of supporters.