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July 25, 2008

Burt Rutan speaks on private space travel

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Dale Amon, blogging at Samizdata.net, has long been a fount of information about the state of private space travel.

The link goes to a post on Burt Rutan’s recent and interesting speech:

If you are interested in a much longer exposition of what you have been reading in my aerospace postings over the years, listen to Burt Rutan as he describes how the socialistic model of State space flight has done exactly what socialism always does. It delivers the equivalent of rough brown toilet paper that is subsidized, overpriced anyway, and rationed because there is not enough of it. He does not say it in those words, but it is a view with which he would clearly agree.

He also shows why the Capitalist Space Race (the race to make money!) is going to take the lead in a surprisingly short time and that it will effectively be putting an equivalent of 5 times the NASA budget into human spaceflight within a very few years.

June 26, 2008

Blog glossary

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If you’ve ever wondered about some of the blog-specific words and phrases out there in the blogoshpere, look no further. Here’s a great blog glossary courtesy of Samizdata.