David Kirkpatrick

August 14, 2008

Thursday video fun — Robert Tilton, televangelist

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BoingBoing had a … , well, excited post about the “farting preacher” back up on YouTube.

The preacher in question is Robert Tilton, a crazy, money-grubbing, speaking-in-tongues, disgraced more than once maniac who operated his heyday out of the Dallas area (notice the 214 area code in the clip) during the late-80s/early-90s. He was something special to catch late at night.

If you’re in the Dallas area you can see his erstwhile complex just north of 635 on the east side of I-35. His “ministry” was called Word of Faith and he had a huge billboard of sorts painted on the side of an old grain elevator.

(Update — Maybe not on the building. This is from the Wikipedia link above, “The church building was purchased by the city of Farmers Branch in 1999 for use as a future civic center; however, the economy suffered a downturn and the plans were scrapped, and the building was finally demolished in 2003 to make room for a new youth hockey center.”)

This thing was put together years ago. I remember watching copied VHS versions a long time ago. A great takedown of a very deserving piece of work.

Anyway, here’s the fun — Robert Tilton, the farting preacher.