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July 31, 2009

PR Newswire’s Blog Briefs Lead

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Selected press releases from both BusinessWire and PR Newswire are delivered to my inbox on a daily basis (as regular readers probably know and might lament) and today something new from PR Newswire came in this afternoon  — the “Bog Briefs Lead.”

I’ll let the release do it’s own horn-tooting, but I have to wonder what’s the utility of seven leads to blog posts without links to the posts themselves? Maybe this release went out incomplete by mistake.

At any rate, here’s the release:

Blog Briefs Lead

The following Blog Briefs roster is a weekly roundup of posts from selected blogs. Blog Briefs are archived and available on the PR Newswire Web site, http://www.prnewswire.com/.  
  The following are the Blog Briefs for the week ending July 31:

  Blog Briefs

  1. Queercents: Penny-Pinching Pregnancy – Saying No to Expensive Tests
  2. Waylon Lewis of elephantjournal.com: Urban Outfitters Sells Fixies; and
     Frat Houses Go Solar
  3. Sunday Morning Soliloquy: Blogher ’09 Through the Eyes of an Un-Mommy
  4. synthesis – We Must Spend Less on Education – Necessity and Invention
  5. BANDIT Lets the Air out of Formula 1’s Tyres
  6. FoodieMama.com on Alternatives to French Fries

  7. Credit Union Uses ‘Lottery Effect’ to Encourage Customers to Save Money

  /PRNewswire — July 31/

Source: PR Newswire
Web Site:  http://www.prnewswire.com/