David Kirkpatrick

November 2, 2008

Homestretch notes

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Okay, here we are in the homestretch of this year’s presidential horserace. I’m not going to go nuts with posts — well, I might but I don’t expect to. I will post on anything that seems particularly significant and I’ll run 538’s projections tomorrow evening before the polling stations open Tuesday morning.

And, of course, if at all possible I’ll be doing some blogging Tuesday night as the polls close and results start coming in. However things go, it should be a fun night.

August 22, 2008

Cool political websites

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CIO.com has a story on five “innovative” political sites. Interesting article because these are all off the beaten track of internet politics. There’s plenty out there in this presidential election year coupled with very active web communities on the left and the right.

Check out the article for the scoop on all five. To get you started here’s number three — and a potential money maker:

3. SaysMe.tv

You say you’ve always secretly yearned to be a political media strategist? Here’s your chance. At SaysMe.tvyou can select a pre-fab 30-second political ad and run it on one of several TV channels. (At press time SaysMe was available in 11 U.S. cities; by year-end it plans to sell time in 82 cable markets nationwide.) You can choose from a few dozen ads promoting issues on either side of the political stripe, with new ones added each week. Then pick the market and channel where you want it to run and how many times it should appear. Best of all, each ad ends with “Paid for by [your name].”

Of course, air time costs money. A single airing starts at $6 for CNBC in Cleveland and reaches as high as $2750 for TNT in Los Angeles. But you can also submit your own broadcast-quality political spots that others can use –and collect royalties every time someone else airs them.