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October 16, 2009

Palin and the GOP

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I really don’t understand the ongoing appeal of Sarah Palin to the Republican Party.

The Daily Dish ran this year-long favorable/unfavorable poll of polls today:

Palin's favorables/unfavorables over the last year

Palin's favorables/unfavorables over the last year

Those numbers look decidedly bad. There’s a firm trend line at work. Of course it’s going to hit something of a Maginot Line at 20-25 percent favorables. She has that tiny rump locked up — and really it’s practically impossible for anybody or anything polled to dip below around 15 percent — so Palin fans can be pleased  the current trend lines will eventually level off.

The problem is there’s no reason to expect they will significantly reverse. Certainly not before the 2012 election cycle, and maybe not ever. She’s insanely damaged goods for all but the die-hard, blinker-wearing movement “conservative” faithful.

There is no political redemption for anyone carrying her baggage. Take away every other negative, and boy there are plenty to choose from, and the fact she fled her only major elected post before serving even one term is a killer. I’m discounting mayor of Wasilla and below as “major” elected posts Palin held before the Alaskan governorship.

The fact she’s even in any sort of running for the top of the GOP presidential ticket at this point ought to have the party in a state of panic. Obama may be turning a lot of independent voters off right now, but believe me he would easily outdraw Palin under just about any conceivable set of political and economic conditions the U.S. might be facing in about two and half years.

December 11, 2008

Markos looks at some Palin popularity numbers …

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… and finds a lot to like.

First the stats:

The most popular Republican we tested is Condi Rice, whose fav/unfav 47%-18%. But among Republicans only, the most popular is Palin — with a whopping 73%-13% rating. But Palin’s overall score is a net negative, 35%-45%, which means she fares poorly among Democrats and independents.

And now the reaction from the Daily Kos founder:

  1. Those Palin numbers are as hilarious as she is. Republicans worship her, the rest of us (including our independent friends) think she is an embarrassment to humanity. It’s a win-win! They’re happy with Palin, and we’re happy that she continues to repulse independents, thus making them unelectable.
  1. Those Palin numbers illustrate, better than anything else, just how far rank-and-file Republicans have strayed from mainstream America. They’ve literally relegated themselves to fringe status