David Kirkpatrick

February 25, 2008

The Corner weighs in …

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on the “picture.”

Obama Pic A Mistake    [Peter Wehner]

A few thoughts on this Obama photo that was circulated by the Clinton campaign, published on the Drudge Report. The first is that it is a sign of the desperation of Team Clinton. The second is that it is pretty nasty stuff, with its “he’s a Muslim and it should bother you” undertone. For the record, Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim, and the photo should not bother anyone (I recall President Bush had to wear some pretty wild outfits when he attended the APEC summits). And third, this will backfire in a big way. Twenty-four hours from now I suspect we’ll see virtually the entire Democratic establishment, and many others, condemning this tactic. It’ll advance the storyline that the Clinton campaign is spinning out of control – lurching from melancholy valedictory comments one day to faux outrage the next – and in its dying days.

During tomorrow evening’s debate, Hillary Clinton will be on the defensive and very much regret this stupid and ugly effort.

Other than that, it was a swell idea.