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October 20, 2009

Retirement planning for Baby Boomers

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Early and often –it might not be a good idea at the ballot box, but it’s a great idea with retirement planning. Starting retirement plans early in a career gives you a head-start, but planning for your retirement finances often continues throughout  your career and even into retirement. For Baby Boomers there’s an online resource that provides information, resources and answers for retirement topics including lifestyle, career, personal and finances — the Baby Boomers Retirement Network (BBRN). Retirement planning is a big part of the Baby Boomers Retirement Network’s offerings.

Hit the link for a ten-minute online quiz to help you find answers for your retirement questions.

From the link:

Start your process and get your own answers…to the big questions on every Baby Boomer’s mind these days…about money, investments, health, well-being, work, lifestyle, travel, love, and much more…

Tap into an exclusive stream of benefits and discounts, find better investment options, feel better about decisions you make, and network with the best, most trustworthy individuals to help you get the job done. Your answers are confidential and are for your use exclusively.

The BBRN website includes links to news for Baby Boomers; expert resources for finance, jobs, health issues, travel and more; a forum on retirement topic for site members; and even free audio downloads on many topics.

The BBRN offers the Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) at two levels: basic and gold. A basic BBRC membership is free and comes with many membership benefits including a pharmacy discount card saving 10 percent below AARP rates. The gold membership requires a monthly fee, but comes with many more benefits, particularly relating to finance and investment.

September 16, 2009

Worried about retirement?

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This CNNMoney story is for you.

From the link:

3. Worry less

What if you just can’t save that much?

If your budget is tight today and you just can’t find another dime to set aside — well, you’re not alone. But you should resist the urge to become really aggressive to make up for what you’ve lost. You probably have some other arrows in your quiver. Just one of the following can go a long way toward getting you to a comfortable retirement:

January 23, 2009

December 18, 2008

Personal finance dos and don’ts

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The financial crisis is in full swing, businesses are quaking and the Fed seems like it’s up the old, proverbial creek without a paddle — and the metaphor might be better served by going with stuck in the middle of a choppy ocean without a paddle. It’s that bad.

I’ve heard everything from we’ll know nothing, that’s know not that things will get better, before June, or so. The very latest word on the street is 2009 is a lost year. Just write it off right now and coast hugging a blanket close to your neck.

Of course that’s impossible, so what’s a prudent person to do when looking at personal finances and financial decisions?

Here’s a good list of 20 dos and don’ts for personal finance from Business Week.

 Two very good ones from the link:

6. Don’t stop contributing to 401(k) and other retirement accounts.

Says Sidney Blum of GreenLight Fee Only Advisors in Evanston, Ill.: “Everyone loves to invest in their 401(k) when the markets are flying high, but they should keep putting money in while the markets are down.” He adds: “More money is made at the bottom of a market than at the top.”

Even more pessimistic planners say you should be taking advantage of any match your employer offers for retirement fund contributions.

7. Do live below your means. Save.

Investing for the future is only possible if you have some money left over at the end of each month to sock away. View this BusinessWeek slide show for 25 ways to save more each month.