David Kirkpatrick

October 22, 2009

Protecting your outdoor living furnishings …

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… is easy. Make sure you have patio furniture covers for all your outdoor furniture pieces like tables, chairs, pool-side lounges and umbrellas.

Outdoor living has evolved from a fad to a trend and now to a full-blown lifestyle. At the most extreme many outdoor living enthusiasts are creating, and furnishing, fully equipped  outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, outdoor bedrooms and more. Often these outdoor living spaces are outfitted with plumbing and electricity and furnishings that mimic indoor furniture styles. This opulent variant of outdoor living truly takes the indoors out. With that level of investment in furnishings it only makes sense to provide a patio furniture cover for each and every piece of specialty outdoor furniture to help protect it from the elements and seasons.

Even if your outdoor living experience ends with a backyard deck, a barbecue grill, a set of comfortable patio furniture and maybe a fire pit or outdoor fireplace — especially now that fall has arrived — investing in patio furniture covers is a good idea to prolong the life of that comfortable outdoor furniture. Patio furniture left exposed to the sun will fade over time and the material it’s constructed with can become damaged leading to cracking or flaking paint. Cushions that become water-logged by rain or melting ice and snow can mildew, and letting winter weather attack your patio furniture can lead to damage and cracking when ice freezes, thaws and re-freezes submitting your furniture to expansion and contraction.

If you are looking for outdoor patio furniture covers, hit one of the links in this post to head to Outdora.com where you can find a selection of protective covers for all types of patio furniture from table and chair sets to pool-side chaise lounges to outdoor couches to even umbrellas.

Outdora’s patio furniture covers are made of high-grade vinyl and come with a prorated three-year warranty.