David Kirkpatrick

December 1, 2009

Cyber Monday shopping was big

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Big as in over four million visitors a minute at more than 270 retailing websites tracked by internet monitoring firm Akamai.


October 25, 2009

Want an invite to join the Blastoff Network?

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Email me at davidkonline (at) gmail.com.

The Blastoff Network hasn’t officially launched, so any invites going out right now are pre-launch. You do have to be at least 18 years-old to join Blastoff.

This isn’t an official endorsement, but it does seem like an interesting idea even if some of the promo material below is a little hyperventilated. And I’ll be happy to send out pre-launch invites to anyone who requests one.

Here’s some information about this new social media venture:

It’s a fun, free and easy way to save and make money. You can have a Blast with your own customizable homepage with the best music, video, news and games. You can Save Money when you shop online from 400 of the largest retailers and you can make money when you invite your friends.

And a little more detail on the what’s, why’s and how’s:

BlastOff is a free web site that will get you cash back on almost anything you usually buy on line, and from the companies you normally buy from.  This isn’t a site where you have to buy 50 lbs. of detergent or something like that to get a deal, just the normal stuff you usually buy, from the companies you would buy it from anyway. .
Here’s the really neat thing.  Besides you saving money from your purchases, you get cash back from any purchases your friends make, so as they save money, you make money.  BlastOff is going to pay you for purchases made by your contacts, your contacts contacts, your contacts contacts contacts, and so forth 10 e-mail levels deep, so you can see how big this can get very quickly.
It’s free to sign up, and only takes about 2 minutes.  If you do it in the next week, you can get your e-mail list out there before anyone else snags your contacts.  Blastoff expects 25 to 50 million folks in the first week, so get in now pre-launch, and get your contacts listed before someone else lists them.  It saves you and your friends money,  makes you money, and honestly it’s just a really cool site.
Besides shopping, they have a page you can make your home page, that blows away anything I’ve seen yet for getting content an information that you really want.  Everything from News, Sports , and Finance, to Music, Gaming, On Demand Programming, and much more.