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July 19, 2009

NASCAR, Mayfield and the rule book

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I’m going to say out front I don’t care if Jeremy Mayfield or NASCAR is correct about his use, or not, of methamphetamine. I do think NASCAR as an organization has zero credibility. The ruling body for this “sport” changes the rules so often — including mid-race– I wouldn’t be shocked to find out the braintrust is drug addled.

Didn’t blog on this, but on a similar note I thought it was bullshit the NHL changed the rules in the middle of the playoffs — the PLAYOFFS — in response to Sean Avery’s antics.

Sports and sanity don’t go hand-in-hand. With NASCAR neither term applies.

May 5, 2008

The Stars at night …

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… are big and bright, and in the Western Conference finals!



and now the Red Wings.

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