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March 19, 2009

The changing face of Twitter

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Well, the actual title of the linked article is, “Why Nerds Are Losing Control of Twitter,” but in reality it just covers the mainstreaming of the microblogging social network.

And the article is completely correct. Twitter has taken off. This blog is syndicated to premium content providers through Newstex and now my Twitter tweets are syndicated as well.

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From the link:

Twitter is going mainstream. Who would have thought it?

Count me among those who believed it would be relegated to the self-satisfied social media elite, with no chance of catching the attention of people who didn’t work in technology for a living, or at least analyze and write about the people that do.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This a good thing, however. Although the curmudgeon hold-outs bent on the sake of dismissing Twitter for the sake of dismissal will disagree, Twitter changes the way we communicate, consume and manage information overload. It has popularized the notion of streaming technology, the idea that information becomes less structured as it “flows over you” rather than being packed into neat, tidy folders.

On one hand, the statement that Twitter’s technology has become broadly popular could be disputed since Twitter has just 5 million or so users, but Facebook’s decision to copy adopt Twitter’s streaming look into its latest redesign effectively brings the technology to 175 million more people.

February 13, 2009

Twitter etiquette

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Five tips from CIO.com. Man, this feels like Twitter week to me. There’s an unusual amount of Twitter news going on with the awards program and everything else, and I’m much more in tune with all the news because my tweets started being syndicated through Newstex’s NewsTwits.

I used Twitter first during the presidential debates after C-Span invited me to join in their new media coverage of the event and tweets were a major part of audience reactions. 

After that I didn’t do much with the app before this week when my NewsTwit feed went into effect and I’m sorry I’ve held out so long. In a short few days I’ve really learned to appreciate the utility of Twitter. Just a couple of days ago I blogged I couldn’t see the business use of Twitter, and now I do. The old proverbial light-bulb and all that.

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From the CIO.com link:

2. Be Up Front About Your Twitter Aspirations


As the divide between our consumer and professional lives blurs at the hands of social technologies, the content of your tweets can take on a whole new meaning, especially if you work at a traditional corporation that doesn’t acknowledge this reality.

As such, you might want to make it clear who you represent and why you’re on Twitter. Some people put messages on their Twitter background (which can be customized under the “settings” tab), noting that the opinions expressed in their tweets don’t necessarily reflect those of their employers. They also might provide a link that explains with greater detail why they’re on Twitter. While this can allow you some leeway, it doesn’t necessarily mean your employer or your followers won’t call you out on some tweets.

“There’s a real difficulty there,” Boyd says. “For people who are employed by companies, to some extent, they’re always a representative of the company. It’s almost impossible to divorce yourself from that. They need to figure out where they can draw line, and for some people where that line is is different.”

In the end, the more up front you are in your profile description about who you represent and what you plan to talk about, the more you’ll allow yourself some cover, says Kirsten Dixson ( @kirstendixson), a reputation management and online identity expert. But that also means you shouldn’t get upset with people if they tweet something that’s in line with their stated Twitter goals.

“They might have things that are off-putting, that are overtly religious or political and not in your own views,” she says. “But if they’re up front about that, they’ve been fair.”

June 26, 2008

Post number …

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… 500. Woot!

I started this blog early this year. This post marks the 500 mark. And in exciting news, this blog will soon be distributed through the Newstex “Blogs on Demand” syndicate.

Thanks for the support and do keep on reading. You can expect more of the politics, technology and business, with a little extra … mix I strive to post.