David Kirkpatrick

February 14, 2009

Nanny state in action — Oklahoma-style

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Well, it’s really nanny city because it is just Norman, and more than nannyism this really just violates the U.S. legal stance of innocent until proven guilty. I’m betting this bit of stupidity will end up costing the city of Norman a boat-load of legal fees and a dumping of the asinine law after the first court battle.

Fools in the city council mean wasted city funds.

From the link:

A new ordinance unanimously approved Tuesday by the Norman City Council will require residents to prove, in a court of law, they did not litter, rather than having the city attempt to prove they did.

The council unanimously approved the ordinance that holds businesses and individuals accountable for unlawfully discarded trash or litter.

City of Norman Utilities Director Ken Komiske said the littering ordinance targets those who discard trash inside, or next to, common dumpsters used by several businesses. Business owners on Campus Corner asked city officials to help them find a solution to the overflow of trash surrounding shared dumpsters on Campus Corner, he said.

December 20, 2008

Nanny city in action — LA-style

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This seems almost unbelievable, but Los Angeles requires bicycles to be licensed in order to ride them on city streets.


From the link:

I love L.A. more than Randy Newman, but this week’s cold and rain combined with this grim report on the state of two-wheels-good liberty in my hometown makes me question my allegiance.

From the L.A. Weekly, here’s the grim axle on which injustice rotates in the city of angels:

Until recently, Los Angeles Municipal Code 26.01 was little known. But then in August, the police department began to enforce its central tenet: All cyclists shall ride licensed bicycles; those who do not will be cited and fined. Upon learning of the LAPD’s accelerated enforcement, the city’s cyclists flooded bike blogs with outrage, saying that the code was “ridiculous,” designed “ultimately to prevent bikes in our car-obsessed city … for harassing cyclists.”