David Kirkpatrick

July 30, 2008

Can we become a Type I civilization?

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It looks like we better hope so. Civilizations are rated on the Kardashev scale and currently mankind is below a Type I. We only harness part of the power available on our planet. Type II civilizations harness all the power of a star and Type III in the scale harnesses the power of a galaxy.

From the KurzweilAI.net (first) link:

Toward a Type 1 civilization
Los Angeles Times, July 22, 2008Our civilization is fast approaching a tipping point. Humans will need to make the transition from nonrenewable fossil fuels as the primary source of our energy to renewable energy sources that will allow us to flourish into the future, resulting in a Type 1 civilization (one that can harness all of the energy of its home planet), says Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine.

To do that, we need a Type 1 polity and economy, along with the technology. Shermer believes that can could be achieved with globalism that includes worldwide wireless Internet access, with all knowledge digitized and available to everyone, and a completely global economy with free markets.

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