David Kirkpatrick

May 23, 2008

McCain’s medical records

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I sense this becoming a real problem as the real campaign ramps up.

Putting bad news out on Friday afternoon is an old dodge that really no longer works for a major story in the now internet political universe. Putting it out on a holiday weekend is a more damning dodge, and not allowing a full vetting of the documents will only invite more scrutiny and questions.

A similar issue is brewing with McCain’s wife not releasing her separately-filed tax reports. I don’t think it’s pertinent to the presidential race, but it’s going to be an issue and will become a real sore spot as the race develops. (Hate to bag on McCain’s age, but I can’t resist the joke that both issues may become bed sores if left  ignored and “untreated” …)

From the link:

As Americans kick off the first holiday weekend of the summer Friday, Sen. John McCain will release 400 pages of his medical records to a handpicked group of reporters who can neither photocopy nor keep the documents, illustrating the sensitivity the campaign places on the 71-year-old candidate’s age and health.