David Kirkpatrick

February 17, 2009

Five-act play on Wall Street stupidity

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Pretty funny stuff from MainStreet.com. Here’s five bits of prima-facie evidence of Wall Street stupidity.

From the link, number one with a Dumb-o-meter score of 95:

If Tim Geithner actually believed his “Financial Stability Plan” was going to calm anybody, we’d hate to hear his ideas on how he would wreak true terror.

Stocks in New York sold off sharply Tuesday after the Treasury secretary unveiled his much-hyped plan. (The fact that he called it a financial stability plan is an oxymoron, italics intended.) In short, Geithner’s $1.5 trillion program aims to combat the financial crisis through a collaboration of public and private investments and a consumer and business lending initiative.

December 18, 2008

10 business books …

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to read right now according to MainStreet.

From the link:

You can see the panic in the eyes of business leaders. But the country has survived interest rates at 18% and previous stock-market meltdowns. This will pass, and the country will rebound because smart leaders take a step a back, assess the situation for opportunities and read books.

That’s right, whether you are a leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, exposing yourself to ideas is the way to succeed. You can’t cut your way to success. No, you innovate your way through new products, ideas and improved processes. This is something this country has always been good at. Here are 10 books to consider.