David Kirkpatrick

May 20, 2008

Kentucky and Oregon vote

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Actually if I understand things correctly, Oregon is just announcing the result of a mail-in vote. At any rate, Kentucky — being in the East — will announce first. The most compelling question of the night is whether Obama will gain a permanent majority of pledge delegates from his Kentucky result (it’ll be a loss, but by how much is the question) or will he have to wait until Oregon announces to reach that milestone.

In early returns from Kentucky, Clinton has already been declared the winner. 34% reporting, Clinton stands at 55 and Obama at 41.

Update 7:40 pm — In Kentucky, with 86% reporting: Clinton 65, Obama 31. Falling out about what was expected. It’ll be interesting to see how the Oregon vote turns out.

Update 8:55 —  99% reporting in Kentucky: Clinton 65, Obama 30. Obama’s projected to get 14 delegates in the state. I believe that is one short of securing the pledged majority.

Update 10:05 — Oregon reporting with 11% in, Obama 63, Clinton 37

Update 11:00 — Oregeon 51% reporting, Obama 58, Clinton 42

Update 12:30 am — Last update. Oregon 68% reporting, Obama 58, Clinton 42

Obama takes an unassailable lead in pledged delegates tonight. Clinton made some headway in the non-counting total popular vote. It’s been over for a long time now, but at this point it’s official — Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president this year. Time to focus on the general election from here on out.