David Kirkpatrick

September 10, 2010

If you still have your wisdom teeth …

… you may be carrying a little personal stem cell bank around in your mouth.

April 4, 2010

Just in time for Easter …

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… research has determined a bacterial byproduct that was found in the soil of Easter Island provides longevity in mice, and two separate studies showed reversal of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Pretty amazing discovery.

From the link:

A study published yesterday in the Journal of Biological Chemistry confirmed that mice with Altzheimers showed marked improvement in memory and cognition after being fed a rapamycin-enhanced diet. This study was released simultaneously with another, in PLoS One, which confirmed the results of the first in a different group of mice.

Also from the link:

Rapamycin has already been approved by the FDA to treat organ rejection in transplant patients. That means doctors could start prescribing it for the “off label” use of treating Alzheimers tomorrow. The researchers are still not sure if the drug would reverse the effects of Alzheimers, or simply block them. But for millions of people suffering the effects of Alzheimers, that question may be moot.