David Kirkpatrick

March 8, 2008

More shame for the Bush 43 administration

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This most recent Bush administration has been notably characterized by, among other things, an unbelievable level of cronyism and incompetence. Many staff positions were filled purely on the basis of loyalty to the administration with no real consideration given to ability.

Sadly this state of affairs has occurred under the political banner of conservatism. I’ve posted before why this administration is in no way “conservative” as the term is traditionally politically known.

Here’s another sad tale of hypocrisy and situational ethics that is no longer surprising coming out one branch of D.C.’s right wing.

From the TPM Muckraker link:

What’s a little plagiarism between movement conservatives?

Tim Goeglein has had a tough week, but he still has friends in the “right” places. The former White House aide in charge of religious and conservative outreach resigned late last week after admitting he plagiarized pieces he wrote for the News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind. Goeglein took passages from Pope John Paul II and Dartmouth professor Jeffery Hart, among others. But Goeglein is still embraced by the conservative community. At the weekly meeting of center-right leaders at American for Tax Reform on Wednesday morning, he received three rounds of applause from the packed room, including one standing ovation, as he asked for their forgiveness.

Via Nancy Nall, Goeglein’s least favorite blogger.