David Kirkpatrick

October 17, 2008

h+, a new magazine from RU Sirius

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From KurzweilAI.net — I was an early (maybe charter? can’t remember) subscriber of Mondo 2000, so I’m excited to hear RU Sirius has a new transhumanist magazine out, h+. I’m guessing he’s keeping up the website, 10 zen monkeys.

h+ transhumanist magazine launched
KurzweilAI.net, Oct. 16, 2008Humanity Plus (formerly the World Transhumanist Association) has launched h+, a stylish, web-based quarterly magazine that focuses on transhumanism, covering the scientific, technological, and cultural developments that are challenging and overcoming human limitations.

Edited by the legendary RU Sirius, co-founder and editor of the seminal Mondo 2000 magazine, and beautifully designed by virtual worlds artist D.C. Spensley, the magazine’s first issue features cutting-edge ideas and interviews with leaders in longevity, neuroengineering, nanofabrication, open-source robotics, science fiction, and other breakthrough areas.

“We hope to go to a print version by issue #2 or 3,” publisher James Clement told KurzweilAI.net. “The magazine is primarily targeted to college-aged and young professionals.”