David Kirkpatrick

December 23, 2009

A picnic in the wintertime?

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Depending on where you live a picnic right now could be a mighty cold prospect. But not in your imagination. Just picture — you, a loved one and a full picnic basket. Throw in a leisurely walk across a green, flower-filled park, or a gentle hike into a rustic woods before coming into a small clearing. It’s a sun-filled day with nothing more than a very gentle breeze bringing the fragrance of blooming wildflowers to you. After the walk you spread out a sturdy blanket and settle down for quiet repast.

You open your basket, or better yet open your two picnic baskets (keeping the cold and warm provisions apart) to find a bottle of favorite wine, a couple of pints of lightly chilled Belgian ale, a selection of finger sandwiches, fresh fruit that’s already been cut, a small block of aged swiss, several pastries and cold-wrapped bottle of champagne. And a minimal, but essential, selection of utensils, implements and ware. Where to begin? Ah yes, the pastries and champagne of course. Couldn’t let it get too warm, right?

It’s probably cold right now when you’re reading this, but there’s no time like the present to start thinking about outdoor fun, and what better way to welcome in the spring than to be prepared with one of Outdora’s many romantic picnic baskets. Outdora offers literally hundreds of picnic options. Everything from the classic English-style picnic basket for two, to picnic shoulder packs and backpacks, to picnicking kits specially designed for wine and cheese snacking or even for coffee service. You can even find accessories to make your picnicking easier and more fun. Accessories as basic as bar ware and plates to as extensive as picnic games and shelters. Whatever picnic supplies you are looking for, you’re sure to find it at Outdora.