David Kirkpatrick

January 3, 2009

Israel, Hamas and the latest turmoil

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Once again the Middle East has gone from a hot, to a white-hot zone. I’m not going to add a lot to this issue other than to thank my stars I don’t live in a part of the world that faces terrorism, fear and war on a daily basis. And has for a while.

Makes the Bush 43 response to 9/11 — torture, suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite detention of US citizens without any due process, asinine air travel policies and restrictions, et.al. — look a bit ridiculous at this point in time.

Here’s an interesting bit of analysis on the current Israeli/Hamas dust-up.

From the link:

As Israel’s tanks and troops poured into Gaza on Saturday, the next phase in its fierce attempt to end rocket attacks, a question hung over the operation: can the rockets really be stopped for any length of time while Hamas remains in power in Gaza?

And if the answer is determined to be no, then is the real aim of the operation to remove Hamas entirely, no matter the cost?

After her visit to Paris on Thursday to explain to French authorities why she thought this was not the time for a quick cease-fire, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni of Israel said, “There is no doubt that as long as Hamas controls Gaza, it is a problem for Israel, a problem for the Palestinians and a problem for the entire region.”

Vice Premier Haim Ramon went even further Friday night in an interview on Israeli television, saying Israel must not end this operation with Hamas in charge of Gaza.