David Kirkpatrick

December 9, 2008

Attention designers and artists

If you’ve never heard of you thought we wouldn’t notice … go check it out. It’s a blog where people post two designs — graphics, artwork, photo compositions, or whatever — and commenters discuss whether one is a rip off of the other, just derivative or maybe that the poster must have been high to even see a resemblance.

People post their own designs that end up as t-shirts at Hot Topic or whatever, sometimes people post things they’ve come across that are blatant rips, but they have no real dog in the fight other than noticing the theft.

At any rate it’s always a fun site to check out every once in a while. I’ve been visiting it off and on for quite some time.

From the “about” page on the blog:

Welcome to ‘you thought we wouldn’t notice’ a site dedicated to pointing out those things that give you that feeling of ‘haven’t I seen that somewhere before?”

This is a open blog so anyone can post anything, therefore we don’t have control over what is put up. We can only delete/edit it once it’s there, but would much rather leave it there with corrected information.
If anyone has any issues with any of the posts please email us on ytwwn [at] youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com

Anyone posting PLEASE check your sources.
These are some of the reasons you shouldn’t post here:

  • It could be a commissioned work.
  • It could be a tribute.
  • Or it could be credited.
  • It could be the same idea by different people