David Kirkpatrick

October 30, 2009

Crating options

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Crating is a vital and not particularly easy task when preparing items for shipping, transport and storage. Done inadequately or worse still, poorly, your valuables, presentation materials, artwork or other item will likely not arrive at its destination in the condition it was in when originally packed up and crated. Because proper crating is so important when shipping or transporting items, leaving the task to professionals is a great option.

Navis Pack & Ship crating offers both individuals and businesses professional crating service for any item, including items with special needs. Here’s a partial list of items Navis is prepared to handle: antiques, fine art, computers & technology, equipment & machinery, medical equipment, furniture, household palletizing, engines & parts, and crates for glass, slate and marble.

Navis offers specialty crates including: ASTM-style crates, custom crates, ISPM-15 certified international crates, heat-treated crates, shipping crates, reusable crates, slat crates and wooden crates.

Your crating needs  may be as big as moving your personal household or maybe even an entire business, as simple as getting your trade show materials to the convention center, or as specialized as transporting a priceless Old Masters oil painting. Navis Pack & Ship crating services will pack your item and get it to the destination in the same condition the item was in before being shipped.

From the goNavis link in the first graf:

Thousands of businesses and residential customers have come to trust Navis Pack & Ship’s unique fine art, computer, trade show, furniture and equipment crating solutions–honed over 25 years of real world testing in packaging goods for safe transport and shipping. Navis Pack & Ship crating services include custom crates and/or palletizing any fragile, large, awkward or valuable item you have, onsite in your home or office or offsite at one of our well-equipped warehouses.


October 29, 2009

Taking care of small moving needs

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Sometimes moving doesn’t require the full-court press of relocated an entire household of possessions. Maybe you’re a student moving into a dorm or apartment at school, or a senior downsizing from a home to a retirement apartment or senior living facility, or possibly you have a second home by the lake or for vacations and need relocate some possessions to the second home. The answer for any of these scenarios is the goNavis Navis Pack & Ship for small moving needs.

Traditional full-household moving services can be expensive, and if you only have small moving needs you can end up paying for unused service if your total move comes in under a minimum weight fee. Navis’s Pack & Ship has no minimum because it’s designed for small moves. The service can even save money over do-it-yourself moves when you take the total cost into account. Costs such as time spent, moving vehicle rental, fuel and more.

Hit the link for the full story on Pack & Ship from goNavis.

Here’s a sample from the link:

Why large movers, residential customers, retirement communities, and commercial shippers look to Navis Pack & Ship for small moving solutions:

1. Safety: We ensure that your small move shipment of furniture, heirlooms, or other fragile, large, awkward, and valuable items are delivered intact, on time, on budget, and with the pick up and delivery options that best suit your needs.

2. Hassle-free: Moving is stressful. We take care of all your small move headaches from anywhere in the US and Canada to anywhere in the world.

3. Temporary storage: If you’re a student who needs storage for the summer, or a senior who needs storage during your transition, we can ship your small move to our warehouse and deliver your goods to you later.

4. No hidden charges: We never perform a small move or handle a shipment without providing you with a clear, written estimate of our price and services.

5. Protection: Transit insurance is available on everything we pack and ship.