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January 29, 2008

GOP Florida roundup

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McCain wins the Sunshine State and all 57 awarded delegates. He is in the GOP driver seat heading into Tsunami Tuesday. Giuliani avoided a fourth place finish, but his vote combined with Huckabee’s didn’t match Romney’s second place total.

The final figures (taken from CNN.com — 99% reporting):

  • McCain            36%     693,323
  • Romney           31%     598,083
  • Giuliani            15%     281,744
  • Huckabee        14%     259,651

Ron Paul managed a very distant fifth with three percent of the vote. It looks like a two man race for the Republican nomination from here on out considering the margin between second and third place coupled with Rudy and Huckabee’s money problems.

Update: It looks like the right leaning blogosphere is already giving the nomination to McCain. Mostly grudgingly.

Update pt. 2: Make that very grudgingly, particularly at the Corner, Ace of Spades, Power Line and Hugh Hewitt’s Town Hall. Captain’s Quarters is a bit more circumspect. And rumors of Rudy leaving the race look like they will come true as soon as tomorrow followed by a McCain endorsement from the ex-NYC mayor.

Rudy to leave race …

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… if he comes in the highly expected distant third, or even fourth today in Florida?

This rumor has been kicking around for a few days (link goes to Ace of Spades), and to me is based on some pretty scanty evidence. Basically that on the back of his campaign plane Giuliani said the winner of Florida would go on to win the GOP nomination. The kicker is Rudy said this knowing he is polling very far behind both McCain and Romney in the Sunshine State and in a dead heat with Huckabee for a left-in-the-dust third place at best.

The implication of the statement is he wouldn’t continue even to Tsunami Tuesday and is, in fact, done as a candidate.

January 20, 2008

Is Giuliani done?

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Is Rudy Giuliani’s bid for the Republican nomination over after only six combined primaries and caucuses? Before his declared “strategy” of not seriously seeking a victory before Super Tuesday on February 5 even goes into effect?

It is very early in this process, and every election year candidates come out of nowhere or rise from their own ashes to surprise the public and experts alike. Rudy’s firewall state of Florida has yet to cast a vote, but has his strategy left him with zero — really negative — momentum and little but bad press heading toward Super Tuesday?

He was the original frontrunner before the process began with two clear rivals in John McCain and Mitt Romney, and a wildcard who excited the conservative base in Fred Thompson.

Now that the voting has started two surprise candidates have cropped up. Mike Huckabee is a viable participant and is pulling the evangelical vote in huge numbers. Ron Paul is another surprise and getting votes from GOP-ers unhappy with the direction the party has taken the last eight years, and voters looking for something new in politics.

Duncan Hunter rounded out the seven man field, but he’s officially dropped out leaving six. After the South Carolina results with McCain over Huckabee and Thompson a very distant third there are rumors and rumblings tonight that Fred is going to drop out as well.

The race is taking shape and the Giuliani strategy hasn’t even begun to come into play by design. Where does this leave Rudy’s momentum?