David Kirkpatrick

July 14, 2008

Palm-sized 3D display

Here’s a cool breakthrough in 3D display tech:

“The ultimate image we have in mind is having a small person in your palm,” said Shunsuke Yoshida, one of the researchers involved in the study at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

“Suppose you have a picture of your girlfriend smiling on your desk. She could be smiling as a 3D image in a cube,” he told AFP at a recent gathering of imaging researchers here.

Grandparents could use the device — which comes in a 10 centimetre (3.9 inches) cube — to see a 3D image of their grandchild living far away, while business people could view a prototype product from afar and school teachers could use it in science classes, he said.

At the moment the device has a still image but efforts are underway to make it move in real time, Yoshida said.

This a link to the KurzweilAI.net post of this news bit:

Japanese team developing palm-held 3D display
PhysOrg.com, July 14, 2008

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology are developing the gCubik, which could enable people to hold a three-dimensional image of someone in the palm of their hand.

Unlike conventional 3D displays, which are viewed only from the front, the gCubik can be seen from three sides, giving different images from various angles, and users will not need glasses.

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