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August 27, 2009

Looking into the first eleven dimensions

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Via KurzweilAI.net — Multidimensional research is always fun.

Beyond space and time: Fractals, hyperspace and more
NewScientist, Aug. 26, 2009

NewScientist explores dimensions from zero to 10D string theory in a special feature.

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June 25, 2008

A fractal universe?

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I love fractals (blogged on the subject here, but sadly to note the passing of Ed Lorenz) and news that the universe may be arranged in a fractal pattern is just too cool. There’s agreement that on smaller scales — galaxies, clusters and superclusters. To now the thinking is beyond superclusters, things tend to homogenize rather than group together.

Maybe not (from the second link):

… a small team of physicists, including Francesco Sylos Labini of the Enrico Fermi Centre in Rome and Luciano Pietronero of the University of Rome argue that the data shows the opposite: the universe continues to look fractal as far out as our telescopes can see.

There are some issues with the idea, but some of the interested parties put more than reputations on the line with a friendly wager:

What’s at stake if the universe is indeed a fractal on the largest scales? Besides a radical rethink of the laws and history of the cosmos, researchers have placed something more down-to-Earth on the line.

More than a decade ago, Sylos Labini and Pietronero wagered a bet with physicist Marc Davis of the University of California, Berkeley, US. The bet, refereed by Turok, held that if the galaxy distribution turned out to be fractal beyond scales of approximately 50 million light years, Davis would owe Sylos Labini and Pietronero a case of California wine.

Should the fractal pattern begin to disintegrate at scales less than 50 million light years, Davis would receive a case of Italian wine – which some would say is a better deal. Turok has yet to declare a winner.